How to make food taste better. 7 ways to do this.

Tricks for the brain, or how to make food taste better.

If you want to lose weight, then you need to do so that the food was delicious, and the brain is not requested further brighten up the chocolate end of the meal. Food Taste depends not only on the quality of the food, but also from many other nuances. There are little things that have a direct effect on the person’s attitude toward food. You can just fool the brain and do not get the extra calories because lunch will seem not only delicious, but also satisfying. Consider a few ways to make the food taste better.

Tricks for the brain, or how to make food taste better.

1. Heavy dishes.

Impact on taste has even utensils. The research, which showed that the heavier the dish, the meal seems nicer. Maybe that’s why of disposable tableware not like to eat, or paper cups are not so tasty coffee. Intuition leads us! The same rule applies to the devices.

2. Small plates.

You may notice that a piece of meat on a large plate, it seems even smaller than it really is. It’s kind of a trick to order more.So accustom dinner of small dishes, not to put yourself more than necessary.

3. Decorated dish.

The visual perception of food can also affect the taste. Beautiful dish seem more enjoyable. Therefore, to the brain signaled that the meal will be delicious – Serve it aesthetically. For example, make a simple omelet artwork using sprigs of dill, cucumber and a couple of olives. Be creative and do not be lazy!

Tricks for the brain, or how to make food taste better.

4. Contrast color.

This is another secret of how to make food taste better, which affects human perception. For example, this can be a great contrast neighborhood on a plate – cherry tomatoes, lettuce, chicken breast, which will make the most delicious dish in the world! This also applies to sauces, if you combine contrasting colors, the feeling has developed that the dish prepared most skilful chef.

5. Do not eat hot.

Very hot food discourages appetite. Dish of which still steaming, delicious not be sure!

6. Use spices and herbs.

Without extra calories to make a delicious meal will help a variety of seasonings. Large assortment of spices in the kitchen will help make the food more beautiful, healthier and tastier.

7. Favorite music also tells you how to make the food taste better.

Nice music affects both mood, and our relationship to the dish. Playlist with your favorite songs contributes to obtaining pleasure from dinner. This music should be in the background, but not distracting and annoying while eating.

Eat tasty, but that’s advice for the training in the gym , you need to know everyone.

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