Most stupid selfie. Laugh or cry?

Most stupid selfie. Top 10.

To become popular in Instagram, people, we got the feeling that they are going crazy. Indeed, in Instagrame to achieve fame, they need to put their most stupid selfie. What most of them do. OopsNews recently wrote about the most ridiculous selfie, and this post is a continuation.

We have selected for you stupid selfie from Instagram and made of them Top 10. Let’s go:

10. Selfies with long tongues.

9. Like an extraterrestrial …

8. Why do so many hares selfie?

7. Perhaps this character realized his inferiority?

6. I’m so terrible, and so I am even more terrible …

5. Impressionism ahead of a planet. Selfies from the new Van Gogh …

PS: At the of Van Gogh exhibition, I will mainly exhibit :)

4. Dog selfie. Okay bunny to represent themselves, but why the dog …

3. This scarecrow is to want coffee.

2. She does not to suck her thumb in her childhood?

1. Whether imagines himself a god, or a normal idiocy?


This Top 10 freshest stupid selfie from Instagram. Leave comments, put like and share with your friends.

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