Below are listed the materials Terms of Use of the site (Terms of use of site materials):

  1. Any use of materials site (hereinafter – the Website) is permitted in the conditions provided below. By using means any reproduction, publication, copying, reprint, distribute, transfer, broadcasting, cable communication, processing and other methods stipulated by the current legislation.
  2. Partial or full use of materials is permitted only for reference and / or direct open for search engines hyperlink to directly address the material on the Site. Link / hyperlink must be placed in the subtitle or material in the first paragraph. Font size links or hyperlinks should not be less than the font of the text of the material used. Link / hyperlink is obligatory regardless of the full or partial use of materials.
  3. The use of blogs, including reprinting in full is prohibited without written permission from the site ( For all questions regarding the blog, contact the site administrator via the feedback form on the page “Contacts“.
  4. Reprint in full of materials that are published on the Site, is prohibited. Permission is granted to a partial citation of this material – no more than 1000 characters (one thousand letters) – with a link or open a direct hyperlink to the search engines in the sub-title or the first paragraph of the material, leading to the corresponding article on site.
  5. Using photographs is permitted provided the source If the photo there is the name of the photographer (or other information about the photographer) and / or the Site votermark, save them using the photos required.
  6. When using any material portal indication of the source. When using photographs of the Site, containing the name of the photographer (as other information about the photographer) and / or votermark (brand image), save when their use is mandatory.
  7. Any use of materials (including photographs), which makes reference to the Interfax agency, Komsomolskaya Pravda, as well as Reuters and the Associated Press and other agencies is strictly prohibited.
  8. Materials marked with “Advertising” published as advertisements.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to reprint material published in partnership with the BBC Russian Service.
  10. The administration has the right to change these terms at any time. The changes take effect from the date of publication of the new edition of the Site.
  11. Violation of the above conditions “Terms and conditions of the site materials” will be regarded as a violation of legally protected intellectual property rights and rights to information. That is, what materials were used without permission (site administrator). In such cases reserves the right to protection of rights in court in accordance with law. “