The most ridiculous selfie

The most ridiculous selfie from Instagram.

Instagram selfie helped to become the most popular daily activities of people. At a time when every smartphone equipped with a camera, there are no restrictions on when and where to do selfie. Lack selfie etiquette allows people to freely take pictures in fitting rooms, restaurants, elevators, bathrooms, and even on the roofs of buildings. We found some of the most absurd images published in Instagram. Here are funny and, at the same time, the most ridiculous selfie.

Ooooooooh do I have a good one!

You guys are so pretty…

How I’m currently feeling about working right now. How do you look that fab after a night out?!

It’s laundry day at Casa Lipstick Bear.

Which I’m procrastinating by being goofy. It takes a lot of pizza to maintain this figure. I will go harder on the pizza then.

Not much, walking around Buenos Aires. Is it California around your neck? Or am I wrong? Cool :)

How much does this guy look like you! Well yeah that’s obvious look through his photos, he was on scream the TV series.

It was the most ridiculous selfie from Instagram.

To be continued…

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