Training in the gym: you need to know everyone!

Training in the gym and the main mistakes that everyone should know!

At all times, smart, strong, muscular men were the focus of women. Time passes, the views are changing, but the demand for the athletes and fell. And all the guys who look after themselves usually go to the gym. But most who first came to training in the gym, making mistakes that may eventually bad for health.

Training in the gym and the main mistakes that everyone should know

Several key mistakes in the gym, which should be avoided to achieve the goal.

Classes with operating weight without workout.

Every visit to the gym you need a good warm up. Just wave your hands will not help, it is necessary to warm up the stamp, and then put a few pancakes, total weight is 30% of your working weight. Then a few more up to 50%. After that you can already put the weight you swing. After all, without a warm-up you lower efficiency, higher the chance of injury. The efficiency is increased by 30 to 50% with a good workout, this comes up, if you work in a hall without initial training, at the end of 3-4 sets at the bar, your muscles will go into operation, thus begin to grow. But when you’re almost finished with the main approaches to the bar, the subsequent occupation of almost useless.

Training in the gym and the main mistakes that everyone should know


This factor is important if you want to build muscle is not easy, attending classes at the gym and do it properly, responsibly and beautifully. To the body was more beautiful it is to watch your diet. Remove a variety of products that are not suitable in quality for you. Eat smaller portions, but often do not have a half hour before and after exercise. Do not take alcohol or smoke. The worst thing for the sport – drugs, but more on that later.

The lack of insurance.

Everyone in the sport will reach new heights and high weights. When such a moment should be nastaёt quite seriously to take him. To the extent that we should not single-handedly remove the bar from the racks, let anyone insure, increase the break between sets, so that the muscles have time to recover and nalitsya blood to the next.

Training in the gym and the main mistakes that everyone should know

Bad habits.

And the last item on the list, but not least is the factor of bad habits. Ask any athlete, each will give one answer: sport and bad habits – are incompatible. Smoking kills your lungs, alcohol kills brain and causes the muscles to grow more slowly.Drugs kill you directly, without any signs. Particularly strong drugs can cause you to rot alive. There are bad habits, drop them, or no training in the gym you will not help.

Drawing attention to these factors, you will be able to reach the heights that have set themselves.

Everyone has something to strive for, how to make food taste better.

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